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STEP 1 SQUARES:  Prep Base

Most outdoor applications will require some form of prep including vegetation removal, earth removal or existing hardscape materials. Proper preparation of an aggregate base & slope to allow water drainage away from any buildings or structures is important.   


Simply clear the surface where your PaverTurf will be placed.  Add a two to four-inch layer of Patio/Paver Base or 1/4" Minus - Crushed Aggregate to achieve the desired finish height, shape and contour. Dampen the entire area then compact until firm and smooth with a hand tamper or plate compactor. Keep in mind the pavers and turf will add to the finished height. Optional Weed Barrier can be placed on finished surface.

Paver Base @ Home Depot

Approximate # of Bags Per 4' x 8' PaverTurf (32 SF) 

(5.5) 50# Bags Paver Base = 1"

(11) 50# Bags Paver Base = 2"

(16) 50# Bags Paver Base = 3"

(22) 50# Bags Paver Base = 4" 

Buying base material by the yard is 5-6 times cheaper, if you have access to a truck, trailer or delivery.  1 cubic yard = 54 bags

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