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Premium Synthetic Turf Adhesive. Single-part, 100% Solids, moisture-cured polyurethane formula is both environmentally friendly and strong, ensuring a long-lasting bond. Easy to use straight from the pail, with no mixing or out-gassing required, High viscosity fills voids to ensure maximum contact and penetration. 


Surface temperate should be at least 40 degrees (and rising) up to 95 degrees at time of install. Once applied in this temperature range and the curing process has begun, temperatures can drop below or over this range and full cure will still be achieved.


A 3/16” – V-Notch Trowel is recommended to ensure complete adhesive transfer.


  • 40 to 50 Sq. Ft. Per Gallon when spread with a V-Notched Trowel 

  • In the Continental Unites States

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