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Synthetic Turf does not require much maintenance when compared to natural grass. However, routine cleaning and grooming can be necessary depending on application, location and usage. It is good practice to keep the turf clean and free from debris (dust, leaves, dirt) when necessary using a leaf blower or stiff brush broom.


Brushing Synthetic Turf occasionally with a stiff bristle broom or turf rake with nylon tines will help to keep the fibers standing up & to remove leaves & debris. Landscape Blowers and Vacs can also be used for general cleaning, if used carefully. Add additional infill when necessary to help prevent the fibers from flattening or becoming matted, especially in the higher traffic areas. How often will depend on traffic, usage, & sometimes weather. This could be once a year or more.

Pet Waste will not harm the turf, but should be removed on a regular basis. Regular hosing of these areas will help keep away the germs and odors. You can also consider using a pet turf deodorizer.  

Most Stains can be removed and cleaned with just water as the turf is stain resistant. Mild soap and water or a light mix of vinegar and water applied with a spray bottle can help to remove any bacteria from blood, pet waste or any other substances. 

Snow & Ice Removal in Cold Conditions - If the covered areas will not have any use then most of time just letting the snow or ice melt and drain is the best practice. However if the area has any traffic or use, then it is a good idea to shovel off the top layer of snow to help prevent the turf from becoming slippery or brittle. Then brush/broom off the blades to prevent damage from the sharp shovel edge.  

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