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Application Type & Use - For Landscape/Lawn, Play or Pets

All of our turf options are rated for any of the above uses. However, the shorter height turfs are typically better suited for pet/play and certain high traffic applications for instance, driveway turf strips. The taller turfs are more common in landscape and lawn settings. 

Traffic - Light, Moderate or High

All of our turf options are rated for moderate to high traffic use.

Turf Height - 1.125" to 1.75" 

As previously mentioned, the shorter turf heights are typically better suited to play/pet applications and the taller turf heights are popular for landscape/lawn applications. However, anyone of our turf selections can be used for almost any type of application. If you have any questions please reach out to one of our experts. 

Color - Field/Olive/Apple/Tan

Our turf choices all have a natural blend of greens and tans for a realistic grass look. 

Density & Weight - Thickness, Softness & Roll Weight

Normally the thicker, heavier the turf the better, however you also need to consider the turf height into that equation. A one inch tall turf with 55oz face weight is going to be denser than a 2" turf with a 80oz face weight. It is all relative. Our turf has a natural and soft feel. We offer all the best turf options for variety, quality and price points. 

Infill- Turf Height and density determine how many pounds per square foot of infill is recommended

All polyethylene synthetic grass will always require an infill material to help weigh it down, add ballast and to help keep the fibers from flattening. Shorter turf heights will require less infill sand than the taller turf heights. Each of our turf products has a recommended infill amount per square foot.  

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