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STEP 1 KIT A+: Prep Base

Most outdoor applications will require some form of prep including vegetation removal, earth removal or existing hardscape materials.  Proper preparation of an aggregate base & slope to allow water drainage away from any buildings or structures is important.   


Simply clear the surface where your PaverTurf will be placed.  Add a two to four-inch layer of Patio/Paver Base or 1/4" Minus - Crushed Aggregate to achieve the desired finish height, shape and contour. As an alternative to aggregate base material you can use Brock PaverBase panels (for more info). Dampen the entire area then compact until firm and smooth with a hand tamper or plate compactor. Keep in mind the pavers and turf will add to the finished height. Optional Weed Barrier can be placed on finished surface.

Approximate # of Bags Per 4' x 8' PaverTurf (32 SF) 

(5.5) 50# Bags Paver Base = 1"

(11) 50# Bags Paver Base = 2"

(16) 50# Bags Paver Base = 3"

(22) 50# Bags Paver Base = 4" 

Buying base material by the yard is 5-6 times cheaper, if you have access to a truck, trailer or delivery.  1 cubic yard = 54 bags

Paver Base @ Home Depot

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