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STEP 5: Secure, Infill, Relax!

Make any final adjustments and depending on use and traffic patterns, it is recommended to use landscape nails (5" or 6" length) and fasten every 12" to 18" inches along the perimeter edges. Additionally, nails can be added internally along every grid section stone or intersection, if needed. When nailing, be sure to spread the turf away from the nail head so it doesn't fold over a clump of fibers. Carefully trim any loose black fibers from the bottom backing that pop up throughout the process, because they will. If joining multiple pieces - use the provided self adhesive seaming tape or turf glue and seaming tape. 

PaverTURF Nails

NEXT, Infill Play Sand SLOWLY by hand. Add some sand  by broadcasting along the grid lines against the grain, then brush sand against the fiber direction until it stands up evenly and sand is dispersed and not clumped. Be careful not to be too heavy handed (too much / too fast) and bury any fibers which will create an uneven surface. You should be adding between 1/2" inch to 3/4" of an inch of sand throughout.  Repeat this step until desired finish & firmness is achieved.   

PaverTURF sand infill

You can use a leaf blower to help disperse any clumps and to help with clean up.  Lightly spraying with water will also help to seat in the sand once completed. Rain will help this process as well.  You may need to apply sand in a few applications as it settles and you may lose some material with rain over time. 

PaverTURF sand infill


PaverTURF Pre-Cut Patio Grid

Watch our installation Videos for Pro Tips, or Email us for additional help. 

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