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STEP 2 KIT B/B+: Place Template & Pavers

Next, unroll or unfold your PaverTurf Template and set in the desired area of finished space.   You can use roofing nails or similar to pin corners in place if needed. Trim to fit any areas as necessary. If connecting multiple pieces make sure to overlap or trim off one edge and use a stapler or tape to hold connections in place. (duct tape, masking tape, or packing tape... Just about any kind of tape will work!)

PaverTURF Template Grid

Place pavers in the openings.

PaverTURF Template for easy installation

Take a look from all sides.  Make any adjustments and line up all paver edges as straight as possible.  A little nudge in the right spot with your toe works best! The TEMPLATE material is bio-degradable and we recommend leaving in place, but you can cut and remove, if desired. Template Grid
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